If I had to stick with one look or style that I would sport everyday, this would be it!

A striped blazer (or a plain one), a pair of jeans, a cute and preferably lacy top, and sneakers, for me make for the easiest, coolest outfit that you could recreate every day, yet look completely different every time.

For today’s outfit, I chose to wrap my hear in a colorful vintage scarf to add a touch of fun to the whole look. A task easily done with the use of different accessories; head wraps, jewelry, or even by going out of the box in terms of the print on the blazer, or the type of jeans, or the tops.

If you happen to be lucky enough and work in a casual environment, this kind of look is great for the office, and could go from day to night, semi-formal to casual with a couple of small changes that mostly involve footwear.

As usual, today’s look has some creative touches in the use of different items. The blazer for example is a vintage one and belonged to my mom. Seeing that it was a bit larger for me, I simply lifted the sleeves up to make it look more proportionally fitting. The top is actually a lingerie buy. And finally, the clutch is a vintage purse / wallet made to hold papers and documents.

Striped Blazer: Vintage (Similar here)

Top: Similar here

Baggy Jeans: Zara (Out of stock)

Sneakers: Van’s (similar here)

Bag: Vintage Cartier

Scarf: Vintage

Earrings: Parfois

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by @ayoubarouk

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