Daily workout is good, we know. But when you barely get the time to (maybe) have a meal, and sleep for a few hours, outside of the time you spend at work, a healthy workout regime takes the boot.

Nevertheless, thanks to the many available vlogs (video blogs) made of numerous fun workouts, and that generally take just a few minutes, there is no more excuse. Personally, I am not a big fan of exercising, but when I tried the workouts (from the popular vlogs below), I got into it. Maybe it is the fact of having your home be your own gym, or maybe because most of the videos are not long boring series of exercises, but this healthy trick is really fun.

Check out our workout vlog selection below. They are really worth a try.




Tone It Up!

Tracey Malett

Mind & Body Health


XHIT Daily

Featured Image Courtesy of iStock

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