Winter is upon us, and as we all know, this season can be harsh on your skin. Because of the cold weather, it loses its ability to hold its moisture, which makes it dry, stretchy, and mostly unpleasant.

The golden and obvious rule for any season is to wash your face twice a day; in the morning, and before going to sleep when all makeup has been removed. But winter calls for some changes in your routine.

  • When washing you face, one should avoid doing it with hot water, as it dries your skin. Still, the water should not be too cold either, we don’t want to freeze. Afterwards, It is better to pat dry your face rather than wiping it, so that you leave some moisture on.
  • Exfoliating is always a good thing, since it removes the excess cells on your face, but it is preferable to do it less frequently than summer for example, as it can damage your smooth skin. Once a week should be enough.
  • We can never stress enough on the importance of moisturizing during the cold seasons. You should moisturize whenever you can, especially right after washing your face, and after exfoliating. It is also advised to get a whole new moisturizer, a thicker and ideally a water based one, especially for oily skin.
  • A final tip would be to avoid face products containing alcohol during this period.

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