I think I have contracted the layering bug.

The weather has been getting cooler for the last few days, which for me means more layering, aka. more fun looks. Cue, today’s winter outfit.

A mish-mash of different pieces from different styles, let me break-down today’s particular winter outfit for you. Clearly layered, the main item in this look is the top/dress, which actually happens to be long dress-like-pyjamas that used to belong to my aunt and were a very popular style in the 90’s; I actually wore a similar one in a previous look (here), and for today I turned it into  a shorter dress with the help of a belt, then wore it over a pair of dark jeans, and finally to top it all, put on a long coat to keep me warm.

Today’s look actually represents my favourite part in styling, just being creative and putting together unrelated pieces and make them all work in a singular and unexpected outfit.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Pyjama/dress: Vintage – Jeans: Vintage – Coat: Zara – Sneakers: Stradivarius – Sunglasses: Versace

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