We can all agree in saying that Rihanna’s look from last year’s Gala is still hunting us, and it will continue on doing so for a very long time, and so is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Alexander McQueen moment in 2006, and many more. This is exactly what I believe the Met Gala is all about. Fashion and creativity at the forefront.

With this year’s theme “Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”, the task for the designers and stylists was pretty complicated. It would have been so easy to veer towards the costumy aspect of the theme, or even chicken out and go a safe route (which many did, by the way). But among many fashion designers who nailed it, I have to say that Zac Posen won this time.

Maybe it is the fact that I am a die hard Cinderella fan (it’s my favourite Disney princess, FYI), and his gown is such a modern and techy reminder of the Princess’s iconic blue dress, or maybe this reflects how much Posen was inspired not only by the theme but also his role as a Project Runway judge (the Met Gala is like a Project Runway challenge on steroids), but his creation stole the show for me. To top it all, the fact that the very elegant Claire Danes (who will always be Juliet for me) was the one wearing it, was just the cherry on top of the cake.

The selection below might not become known as iconic Met Gala creations, but we still loved them and are worth sharing with you.

Featured Image Courtesy of ZacPosen

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