So here is party look n°3, and it ain’t boring.

After the first two party looks shared last week; the kaftan, then the casual outfit with a Fez, I thought it was time for a true original look, one that has two of my favourite signatures; a menswear quality, and the Eastern touch.

At first sight, this might look like a normal maxi white dress, but it is not. This is actually an Eastern menswear staple, which is known by different names; the Galabiyya, the Jilbab, or Fouqia (as we call it in Morocco), and that with the help of nothing but a belt can be turned into a white dress. Another cool thing about this outfit is that it can go from day to night (as a party look, of course), and that just with the help of the right pair of heels.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Jilbab: Uncathegorized – Heels: Zara – Belt: Stradivaius

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