Bring out your sunglasses, it’s about to get real bright in here!

I have always felt extremely lucky to be living in a year-long warm coastal city like Agadir, where a beach gateway plan is more of a habit than a privilege.

This just goes to show how much of a pro I have become, at preparing my beach gateway bag, and that without going overboard; most of the time.

So for a couple of days getaway, I have prepared and literally laid down the tracks for anyone of you thinking to have a fun beach mini-trip.

Beach getaway bag

As you might have noticed, I apparently am into bright flashy colors this summer. Completely unintentional, yet a happy coincidence since I believe these shades go great with my tan.

Let’s break this down. I can say that there are four main activities I love to do on a beach getaway; swimming, tanning, reading, and yoga, which are clearly represented in my packing.

Let’s start with swimming and tanning. I usually love to have two swimsuits on hand. One matching set, and another less homogenous. And the reasoning behind this is to mix and match, and end up with up to four options of differently looking swimwear. This also helps with the tanning part, since that way I don’t have to stick with one tan line, with each swimsuit having a different shape. Smart, right?

Beach getaway bag

Reading. In the last couple of years, I substituted books for the reading app; Scribd; hence the pink covered iPad (in the photo below). I believe this is my own way of being more environmentally sensitive, plus I actually don’t have anymore space left to fit books in my house. So this is a win-win!

Moving to yoga. For a few months now, I have been starting every single day with a yoga workout, alternating between relaxing and stretching workouts, and power yoga exercises. This has been life-changing I have to say. And doing yoga on the beach is an experience everyone should have, at least once in their lives.

Beach getaway bag

Finally, there are some more essentials, you might see in the photos posted above that no beach getaway is complete without. Sunglasses of course, with my trusted Ray Bans. Lip balm for both esthetic and practical reasons; from The Beauty Alchemist. An anklet, because my feet need accessorizing. A fresh eau de toilette, to always smell and feel fresh, and for this year I went with the lavender one from Yves Rocher. Earphones, for whenever I feel like busting a move. A deck of cards, for when I feel like my competitive side needs to come out. A hat, a cap, and a little scarf, for a more finished fun look to complement my swimwear. A pair of high waisted denim shorts, to look extra cool walking around in my swimsuit. My beloved Birkenstocks, because apparently my posture matters. And of course sunscreen, because it’s the grown-up thing to do, and of course because I care about my skin and health.

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