By now, we all got the message; comfort is “In”? And apparently this year, in addition to the sporty chic trend, fashion designers have decided that “the bigger, the better” phrase should be implemented in their creations. As much as almost all the ladies enjoy the fitted clothes that flatter one’s figure, the occasional chunky sweaters and coats are a great change of look. Warmly welcomed by the fashionistas this season, the oversized trend has become a favorite in street style.

More than just the coziness of it, the mix of the oversized and fitted in an outfit (which is mostly how it is being worn) is just genius. Not only limited to a casual style, that you would opt for to wear in the weekend in order to run errands, chunky clothes have become suited for all circumstances, even for the office. All you would need to do is to pair it with the right pieces.

For outfits inspiration on how to keep your chicness in oversized clothes, check out the gallery below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Sea Of Shoes

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