I don’t know about you, but I personally could spend my life wearing jeans.  It is obvious that they are the modern girl go to item of clothing for casual circumstances, almost as much as a “djellaba” is for a traditional Moroccan woman.

Nevertheless, in a corporate setting, the situation is a bit trickier, especially if your office attire policy is strict. But when pairing the right items with your jeans, they could make for a stylish work look. Not to forget the most important thing, which is to choose the appropriate pair. In other words, your favorite ripped or boyfriend jeans are not welcome at the office (even if it’s a tiny rip). Sill you will be left with a great amount of options; the plain blue jeans (both skinny and flared would work perfectly), the print ones (nothing too colorful, of course), and the colored ones, including the two must-haves black and white,  and maybe a blue or burgundy one.

A blazer and a pair of pumps, would be the best jeans pairing that I mentioned earlier. And with that, you could look almost as formal as you do when wearing a pants suit.

To help you visualize all your options, go through the gallery below.

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