“I’m wearing vintage”, has become a very common sentence uttered by the fashion aware people, in the last few years. Buying vintage pieces is not about bargains that you can find in thrift shops anymore. It is about finding, then wearing a unique piece that most probably no one else has.

Just take a look and the runways, and some of the retailers lately. They have started making and selling pieces with a vintage feel, which must be due to that constant hunt for originality, and uniqueness that we all strive for. Weirdly enough, even when people look and shop for vintage items, those pieces must follow current trends. In other words, it is a vicious circle.

Unlike the Western world, the East did not catch up enough to this concept. Vintage is certainly starting to creep into Eastern fashion shopping habits, in a slow but steady way. It began with jewelry and time pieces (especially for the rich), and let’s not forget the obvious ones, my personal favorite; shoes and bags. But clothing wise, there is still a long way to go.

The idea of hand me downs, or second hand clothes is not that much welcome in the East, as they are mostly confused with what has been thrown away, or given to charity. That is why, people in the business started coming up with new names for vintage, as “pre-loved”; which is definitely cuter. Therefore, the number of shops carrying these “pre-loved” clothes are rare, at least for now.

I cannot wait for the East to embrace vintage even more. With the rich history and culture of Eastern countries, as most of them have traditional costumes and clothes, the vintage ones should be enchanting and definitely unique.

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