There is no running away from the ripped jeans, apparently. This now dominating denim trend is getting bigger and bigger every season. Expanding its versatility, designers and street style trendsetters are pairing it with the most unexpected items (even dresses), which surprisingly result in beautiful looks.

Long are gone the days when ripped jeans were associated with a tom boy look, and could only go with sneakers and a t-shirt. Nowadays, you can grab your most feminine piece from the closet, and wear it with these distressed jeans, and you still will end up looking put together (maybe not like a lady), and not like a “bum” (as my father tells me).

Even though, there is still a conventional minority who is not convinced with this “neglected” looking pair of pants, the ladies in the gallery below have definitely adopted it, and are proving that this trend can be as much sporty as girly.

Featured Image Courtesy of IST by Ingrid

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