One of the cutest and most romantic trends, the tulle skirt, is just irresistible. Invading street style in the last year, grown women were seen strutting down the streets in what looks like a tutu. Rather than ballerinas dancing in them on a stage; which happens to be a tulle skirt’s natural habitat.

Reminding me of one of Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sex and Te City) most popular outfits of the show, I wouldn’t have thought this trend could reach street style, and be so popular. But I was obviously wrong, even though not everyone agrees on its wearability.

Still, unexpectedly fashionable, this item of clothing can be worn with almost everything. And since it is not the most discrete piece of clothing (especially the puffy ones), this overwhelming skirt is better paired with simple tops (t-shirts, or crop tops). And the end result is simply sweet and feminine.

In case you are not an adept of the tulle skirt (yet), check out the gallery below, you might change your mind.

Featured Image Courtesy of J’Adore Fashion

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