New York street style is probably one of the best in the world. Diverse and creative, the looks that walk the streets of the Big Apple are often seen to be sophisticated yet out of the box. However, what I just found today is “far from the box”, and quite interesting, if I may say so myself!

I actually was going through Pinterest for the 1000th time today, and stumbled upon these “intriguing” photos. Probably part of some designer’s lookbook, rather than some random street style outfit, I would think, these traditional kaftans are just exquisite. Not over designed, but with a subtle sophistication and glamour. To whoever created these kaftans I say “kudos”, especially on the idea of showcasing them in the iconic streets of New York City.

Later on, I couldn’t help but wonder (as Carry Bradshaw would put it), how interesting would it be if people just started casually wearing traditional Moroccan kaftans? I’ll join.

Photos: Pinterest

French version available here: Culturetoute

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