Tomorrow is Eid Al Adha! And while most think of all the mutton they’ll get to eat, my focus is fashion obviously. Surprised? I don’t think so!

Every Eid is the same for me; “What style am I in the mood for?” In that sense, trying to tackle every possible state of mind, and especially attempting to be prepared since I’m generally barely awake on a Eid morning. Too early to make any sensible fashion decision. I tought I’d come up with a Eid outfit edit. Options, options, options!

So here are three possibilities (you know I means options again), depending on how cranky, or cheerful I will be tomorrow morning!

The Too-cool-for-school Girl.

This girl is not really into traditional dressing. Kaftans, Djellabas, and so are not modern enough for her, and Eid is just like any other day of the year. However, trying to make an effort for that “special” day, especially since she has been guilted into it by her parents, she would throw a cool traditional piece on her usual cool style.

Eid outfit edit


The Easy going Girl.

She will gladly put on a traditional outfit for Eid, and give it a solid effort. But she won’t necessarily shop for a special kaftan for the occasion. Nevertheless what she would do, is dig into hers or her mom’s or sister’s wardrobe looking for a nice piece that she can make her own. Vintage preferably.

Eid outfit edit

The Fashion statement Girl.

Now this girl is in it to win it. Every day is a fashion show, and the world is her runway. Not only will she dress for the occasion, but will put extra effort to come up with a sophisticated outfit that no one has seen before; like pairing a men’s thobe with an open women’s kaftan. Subtlety is not her thing, especially not for Eid!

Eid outfit edit

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