Rafia, Zellij, wicker… sounds familiar?

The different elements of Moroccan interior design with its rich colours, dynamic contrasts, and its traditional North African patterns, has never been more popular. Our skilled artisans, who generation after generation keep Morocco’s traditions alive, are the backbone of this cultural treasure. And subsequently, the main source for the trendy Moroccan interior inspiration, that has flooded platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

With the most researched furnishings being the ones made of metal, leather, coloured glass, or carved wood, nowadays one can find their fix of #interiorgoals so easily. The intricately stacked serveware, the popping rugs, the accent accessories, the detailed textiles, the artsy pottery, and many other Moroccan decorations, populate Instagram, on (mainly) interior decor stores’ accounts. Who if are not making a sale from their IG, are at least giving the Insta-obsessed some major Moroccan interior inspiration.

So to help you decorate your future rooms with taste, or just expand your “Instagram following list”, we gathered up for you 7 accounts that, we believe do Moroccan decor total justice


When we first stumbled upon this store (on Instagram), we were amazed by their published decorations, that felt like they brought Moroccan traditions to life. And what we liked the most, is their ability to make their sophisticated décor pieces look trendy and versatile without losing their Moroccan touch.

@La fabrique

Our obsession with mugs brought us to this Instagram account, where we found a various and colourful collection in different shapes, that we would love to have in our kitchen. And that not just to use but to display, as well. We can almost smell hot cocoa while looking at them. Mmm… tempting!!

@Dari design

Describing themselves on their Instagram bio as “Moroccan & boho-chic interior”, there’s no false advertising here. We love exploring the uniqueness of Moroccan craftsmanship, and Dari Design did just that. With their focus on light tones, their displayed decorations such as Moroccan rugs and textiles are a treat to look at.

@Bouchra Boudoua

Pottery is definitely part of our Moroccan traditions, and this girl has brought it to the next level.
We have always admired talented people, especially those who tend to harness their identity and origins in the (art) work they do. When we first saw her IG, we instantly felt compelled to share it. The patterns she draws look so simple yet intricate. We are amazed!


@Zoco home

Kitchen supplies are as important as the food they’re used for. Plus, they say “you should feed your eyes as much as you do your belly”. And the sophisticated dishes we saw on Zoco Home are checking that list. But what is more appealing is the aesthetic of their whole Instagram page, which is so on point that you almost feel like you can step into the spaces they photographed.


This IG account sure knows what most of us look for in both decorating our bedrooms and living rooms. They mostly showcase beautiful handmade linen, and gorgeous looking pillows, that beg to be stacked on your bed. They have brought the cozy factor to their IG, and we are sold!

@33 rue majourelle

Marrakech is one of our favorite cities in the world. Therefore we wanted to share with you an interior design Instagram account that is inspired by the city’s colours. And with 33 Rue Majorelle, it is an easy mission. Be it on their brick and mortar shop, which happens to be a few steps from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum , or their IG page everything they sell is meant to decorate an enchanting “1001 nights” inspired home.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, Moroccan decor has never been more popular. From celebrities, to world-known interior designers, to fashion and lifestyle bloggers, everyone goes for the warm Moroccan touch for their home. And since there are endless ways to do so, we hope these Instagram posts will help you on your hunt for some Moroccan interior inspiration.

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