As star youtuber; Superwoman’s Lily Singh would say “What up t shirt reference?”

There are some pieces of clothing that happen to catch your eye and have an instant impact on you, the moment you spot them, then you immediately sort of identify with whatever they represent. It can be an item that belongs to your personal style, or might be as simple as a t shirt, but with a message that you find funny or meaningful. Then, you automatically see yourself putting together a whole outfit around it.

Well, it is obvious that in today’s outfit, the star is this reference t shirt, with a positive message. Painted on it are two female hands that read “Good Vibe”, and have an eye drawn on each one of them, most probably as a sign of protection from the evil eye (I’m still not sure if I totally believe in it). In addition to being made by a lovely lady, the “good vibe” message that it sends, and the Moroccan touch that characterizes the t shit, put it right away on my top favourite wardrobe pieces of the moment.

As I said earlier, you build outfits around these kinds of t shirts, and not the other way around (I know, I’m exaggerating a bit here). And being already a rather statement piece, I kept the rest of the look simple; a midi skirt; perfect for spring, and a pair of babouches (or slippers). That’s it!

T shirt: Artmodeste– Skirt: Zara – Slippers: KaftanQueen – Sunglasses: Parfois

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