Traditionally speaking, Moroccan kaftans are rarely light or airy. However, I know what you are thinking right now; weird concept for a garment made by and for people living in a warm country. But it is what it is,  so no need to be nitpicky. Hence, wanting to go for a summer minimalism outfit in a kaftan is not that easy to do. Unless you get your hand on a piece made from one of my favorite fabrics; Jouhara.

Now, I personally am a rookie when it comes to naming fabrics. But just like it is the case for kaftans, fabrics often have a sentimental value for me. My first memory of Jouhara, was during my aunt’s wedding, almost two decades ago, when I saw her wearing this silky beige takchita (a two-piece kaftan), after her henna ceremony.

The kaftan in itself, actually belonged to my late grandmother, still alive at the time. It had this silky, shiny, rich look, with golden details. From that day, I have decided that I would get married in a Jouhara kaftan, during a warm evening, and would have a summer minimalism bridal look.

Full disclosure, I’m not married, but I do have the fabric!

Just like for the Jouhara fabric in itself, I used to think that a light summer outfit was always synonymous with a pastel colored look. Let me confess, I was wrong. Putting on this burgundy kaftan (which belongs to my mother), it felt like what I imagined Jouhara would feel; caressing. And the color only gave my summer minimalism more of an edge, don’t you think?

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