This blog post had to happen! Whether we realize it or not, we all have summer beauty essentials. I personally didn’t know I did until I started thinking about this post. I knew I had a beauty routine that changes from one season to another, but in terms of the products used they might vary each year. However, I believe that this year’s summer beauty products are going to stick for at least one more year.

So let’s get down to business, and go through this selection. But before, I have to mention that I’m not a beauty specialist, and whatever I’m writing about the products below is based on my humble experience as a user.

beauty essencials

First things first. You need a top notch moisturizing cream to face (pun intended) the warm weather, and the days of tanning you have ahead. For me IT’S SKIN’s “Basil seed fresh cream” has been a life saver. Perfect for my oily skin; for the first time not only do I feel my skin hydrated (more than ever before), but unlike any other moisturizer I used in the past, instead of the sensation of additional oiliness, I get a feeling of freshness in my face. And I love it!

Now in terms of makeup, I tend to go extremely minimal and especially light during the summer. An effective BB cream will do the trick. And my go to one is the DIORSKIN “Nude” that I have been using for the last couple of years. With its incredible coverage, you still feel a certain lightness on your face. However, I should mention that, most of the time I wear it over sunscreen, especially when I know I will be spending an important period of time under the sun. VICHY’s “Sous le soleil” is a great option for that, mostly thanks to its SPF 50 and again its lightness. As you might have noticed by now, the lightness of a product, is a prerequisite for it to be part of my summer beauty essentials.

beauty essentials

Once the makeup applied, the next concern is its removal. Having spent most of my life using the generic wipes, this next product has been a revelation, and has come into my beauty products “must-haves” just in time for summer. There are no words to express how much of an amazing makeup remover IT’S SKIN’s “Prestige cleansing oil d’escargot” is. And believe me, I’m not exaggerating. Whenever applied, and actually during its application I feel my skin not only getting cleaned, but being nourished as well. A sensation that I have never experienced with any previous products, and actually never thought possible.

Moving on to the hair products’ segment of this post… I wanted to mention two essentials, a dry shampoo. Because even though I wish I could wash my hair every day of the week, I wouldn’t want it to fall off or become damaged, hence the presence of KLORANE’s “dry shampoo made of oat milk”. Light weight, and durable this product is a no brainer, and doesn’t make you feel guilty of being too lazy to wash your hair.

The next must-have is a hair mask. As a fan of home-made; all natural hair masks, I have to say that it has not been an easy task to adopt any product that would be as effective. Nevertheless, realistically speaking, I couldn’t always pack avocados, eggs, coconut oil, and so on everywhere I went. I had to be practical in terms of taking care of my hair. So, I was quite pleased once I found GARNIER’s “Ultra doux nutritious mask”. With two superstars of hair care as main ingredients; avocado oil and shea butter my hair feels as healthy as it could ever be.

beauty essentials

Finally, here comes a biggy. A miracle worker in my experience, the KONJAC SPONGE “Green tea” is a game changer in terms of beauty. Thanks to its antioxidant components, my face has never been this flawless. It is the best and freshest way to start every single summer day.

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