I’m a firm believer in owning up to one’s physical appearance. And rather than being ashamed of it, one should learn to work around what they might think is wrong with it.

Being relatively short is one of the many popular body complexes some ladies have to deal with. So, unless you are made of rubber, there is no way to change the length of one’s body. But you can still stretch it and give the illusion of a taller silhouette with the help of fashion, and some stylish tricks.

Here are eight of them.

  • The high heels are the easiest and most obvious solution.

look taller

  • But when in flats, wear the pointy ones.

look taller

  • The flared pants.

look taller

  • High waisted bottom.

look taller

  • The maxi skirts and dresses.

look taller

  • The long cardigan and coat.

look taller

  • Vertical Stripes.

High hairdo.


Images Courtesy of My Fantabulous World, Viva Luxury, Atlantic Pacific, Nany’s KlozetMy Blonde Gal, Cool Ur StyleQuality Rivets, We Wore What



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