Not the most inspiring piece of clothing in a woman’s closet, the turtleneck sweater is often acquired for its warm quality, and nothing more. And due to that nature of being a basic clothing item, and not the most flattering one to a woman’s body, it is considered boring and not really seductive. But we are here to prove otherwise.

With this year’s oversized and cozy trends in addition to some smart new ways of layering, the turtleneck has been given a whole new life. Wearing it in a fitted way with some mom jeans and a pair of pumps, or paring its bulky knit sweater version with a lace skirt and some thigh high boots, the turtleneck is as feminine as ever.

As always, at the end it comes down to the way you style it. So check out the gallery below for some ideas.

Featured Image Courtesy of We Wore What

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