Now, a major influencer in the world of fashion as a great designer and a style icon, Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her days as Posh Spice. Probably the most discrete member of the Spice Girls (who I confess, I was obsessed with), this singer turned fashion designer was always known for her sense of style.

Not anymore only known as a footballer’s wife who is hard to overshadow; it is David Beckham after all, Victoria with her impeccable taste in clothing, and her innate chicness, forced the world to notice her. Collaborating with many fashion labels, being the face of important bands, and gracing the covers of major fashion magazines, this style icon’s roles in the industry have been many, until getting to the ultimate one; creating her own fashion house.

As a fashion designer, Mrs.Beckham got into it gradually, starting by a collection made only of dresses, then bags, and the rest followed thanks to the popularity her designs gained. A true reflection of her clean and sophisticated personal style, Victoria Beckham’s designs have become a celebrities’ favorite.

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