Published on in 2015.

It only took one picture to put Morocco on the fashion map. A photo taken in the 1960’s and still famous today; of model Talitha Getty and her husband John Paul on the rooftop of their Marrakech house.

Today an inspiration; to countless collections by some of the biggest fashion designers as Dolce & Gabbana, and to high fashion photo shoots by the likes of Vogue, this picture taken by known photographer Patrick Lichfield has had an incredible impact on the world of fashion. Set on the rooftop of their Marrakech house, which they acquired while on their honeymoon, Talitha and her husband John Paul Getty dressed in a traditional caftan and a djellaba, had started without knowing it a fashion trend that will never end.

As the woman who opened Yves Saint Laurent’s eyes to Marrakech, and became his fashion muse later on, Talitha Getty; also named “ The queen of 1960’s Marrakech” was more than just a model, she was a style icon. Considered as a sort of founder to the “hippie-chic” or “boho-chic” style, often called “Talitha Getty chic” well, it all started by her posing in a brocade Moroccan caftan on the rooftop of her Marrakech house; Le Palais du Zahir.

Despite the jet-set lifestyle that she was leading between London, Rome and Marrakech with her wealthy husband John Paul Getty, and her tragic death caused by a heroin overdose, what Talitha is still known for and remembered by is that Marrakech photo; today part of the collection at the National Portrait Gallery in London. A photo that made the whole world fall for her, including Saint Laurent; “When I knew Talitha Getty, my vision completely changed” he said, “’I knew the youthfulness of the Sixties, Talitha and Paul Getty lying on a starlit terrace in Marrakech, beautiful and damned, and a whole generation assembled as if for eternity where the curtain of the past seemed to lift before an extraordinary future…”. Such an enamoredness, that it even went on to inspire the designer’s future work, as well as the rest of the fashion industry.

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