Figuring in the best dressed personalities lists numerous times, especially for her traditional dresses; aka kaftans, this red headed beauty, who we lovingly call in Morocco, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma, has proven her status as a style icon.

Princess Lalla Salma, who used to be a computer engineer (Yes, she has beauty and brains people), before her fairytale wedding to His Majesty King Mohamed VI of Morocco, always manages to be the center of attention at every public appearance she makes. Whether it be a royal wedding, or a formal evening, the combination of her extremely traditional kaftans, her exquisite jewelry including the outfits’ belts, and her beautiful hair, which is the object of envy of so many, make for a style statement that never goes unnoticed.

As the spouse of King Mohamed VI, Lalla Salma wears many hats, including the one of being the head of a cancer foundation named after her, that aims to raise public awareness of the disease. Due to all of her responsibilities, the princess is required to make public appearances, which turn out to be a treat every time due to the elegant yet simple outfits that she wears.

SAR la Princesse Lalla Salma inaugure à Marrakech un centre de détection précoce - cancers_G3

Images Courtesy of Gettyimages and Lalla Salma Blog


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