Many have tried, and are still trying to emulate her never fading style, but there will only be one Jane Birkin, the epitome of the “Parisian look”. The simplicity of her outfits and her natural beauty are what make her the style icon that she is. No wonder one of the biggest fashion houses out there; Hermes, has made a purse inspired by her.


“I’d rather be dressed as a man” is what Jane Birkin told WWD in an interview. It is obvious that comfort has always played an important role in this singer’s choice of clothes. Most of the time, she would be in a pair of paints, and a shirt or a t-shirt, yet manages to look stunning.


And let’s not forget the iconic wicker bag that she took everywhere with her.

Slogan (1969)

Still nowadays, in her late sixties, Jane Birkin looks as stylish and funky as ever…

 Images Courtesy of Gettyimages, Tumblr,  and Picelebrity

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