When a prominent fashion brand, such as Mulberry designs a bag in a person’s name, which later becomes an “It Bag”, there is no bigger proof of that person’s style icon status than this. In addition to this huge honor, Alexa Chung has been the face of brands as New Look, DKNY, Lacoste, and the list goes on. In addition to her looks and her sense of style, that made her such an icon in the fashion world, this British beauty is a journalist and contributing editor for British Vogue, and others.

What really put Miss.Chung under the spotlight was her role as a TV presenter. In an interview, the It-Girl said that in her beginnings as a VJ, due to the small budget allocated for her wardrobe, she would mix affordable and expensive items in her outfits in an interesting way, which made her style more approachable and relatable. Thus, her fame and people’s interest in what she was wearing grew.

This “phenomenon”, as she was called by Anna Wintour, has the ability with her effortless chicness to set trends without even trying, and just by being her self. Always ahead of the curve, be it with her outfits, her (sometimes unexpected) hairstyles, or even her make up, is what landed Alexa Chung the title of British Style Icon three years in a row, at the British Fashion Awards.

Expected to launch her own fashion collection, until then here are some of Alexa’s fashion moments.

Featured Image Courtesy of Lets Restycle

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