I cannot even remember the last time I have posted anything on “In The Souk”. I really missed it!

So, totally determined to make a purchase, not only in order to post it on Kaftan Mag, but also for my own selfish pleasure, I went to the souk in Agadir a few days back. Not surprisingly at all, I ended up acquiring more than just one exciting item.

But, let’s take this one item per post at a time. My first crush on this souk shopping trip was actually this beautiful, and (especially) unique shoulder bag, which totally fulfilled my love for owning unique pieces (I’m full on challenging you here, to find the same).

Handmade with genuine leather, and designed with meticulous finishings; especially in terms of the geometric engravings all over the front, this purse is actually right on point with the latest trend of shoulder bags. Finally, the colour was a definite plus for me, since I personally find that a lot of leather artisanal accessories look the best in brown. Unlike black, which makes them often seem cheap (to me).

Expect to see it soon in an outfit, on “Running in a Kaftan”!


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