I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I want to be straight forward with you, and confess that I’m not as inspired by today’s post and look as I thought I would be! I was excited to shoot it, and mostly putting the outfit together. But today, talking about it, doesn’t feel so exciting, but that’s ok! Really, it is ok, so please don’t stop reading, and don’t click on that “x”…

Just as in real life when we have off days, this is an off “outfit post”. But in the spirit of always focusing on the bright side to stay positive, for me this shirt dress outfit’s bright side is the footwear game, i.e the babouches / slippers.

Aside from being trendy, as a Moroccan walking around in slippers and pairing them with every possible outfit, is just what we do. And we didn’t pick that up from a Pinterest board. However, the dress over pants move has nothing to do with my “Moroccanness”, nor does it with the trend (once again), but it is closely related to my “tom-boy-girly-wannabe self”. I remember sporting this look when I was in high school. At that time, my brother had left for college, and I used to make frequent trips into his wardrobe, and would fish out pants, t-shirts, and even shoes. And one day, I attempted my favorite off-the-shoulder dress, with one of his jeans, and proudly finished the look with his old CAT boots. I thought I slayed! My father however thought otherwise. I believe he had some smart remarks about my get up, and I’m sure I had some interesting repartee…

But coming back to today’s look, I wanted to add more dimension to this lovely shirt dress, and make it less boring yet lazy, I live for lazy style. So some comfy mom jeans, and slippers or babouches as we call them, and it can’t get lazier than that. Now that we have the casual and lazy part covered, time to make the outfit interesting enough to take it out to the world, and slay (I know I have been using this word a lot lately)! So add a belt to accentuate the waist and flatter my figure, a beautiful handmade leather bag that I found in small shop at the souk, and glasses, and we’re done.

As it turns out, I’m not so uninspired by this post, neither am I about the look. I think it actually slayed (and here it is again)!

I’m sorry if this post has been all over the place, but it makes sense to me. And if it does for you as well, then we’re meant to be!

Shirt dress: Zara (Similar here)

Jeans: Stradivarius

Slippers / Babouches: Souk (similar here)

Bag: Souk

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by @ayoubarouk

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