The sale season has just started. So grab your credit card, and your comfortable shoes, and follow the guidelines below to get the most of it (Ah the dream).

  • First things first, planning. To avoid any impulse shopping (especially if you are on a budget), you better know what it is you want to buy. Beyond knowing what clothing items you want (jeans, coat…), it is preferable to know the exact one. In case you didn’t already see it in the store and decided on anything, you can always check the store’s website or app, and make your list.
  • Get to the store early. If you want to beat the crowds (especially in the weekend), you better go shopping as soon as the store opens, especially if there is going to be a queue to follow.
  • Don’t go shopping alone. When it’s time to try on the clothes, you are allowed a limited number of items, so instead of waisting time, the other person could hold more clothes for you. Plus, buying assistants are generally busy during sales season, so whenever you need to fetch another size of color you have someone to help (I take my mom with me, it’s shameful but true.
  • Prioritize. You won’t be able to visit all the stores, even if it is online (except if there are more than one of you). Therefore it is preferable if you picked a few ones, and focused on them. That way you get the time to look thoroughly for good deals in each one of them.
  • This is a big one. Stay focused. Buy something because you like it and not because its discount is out of this world interesting. You might end up with a good deal, but you will never wear it.
  • If there are any upcoming events that require you to buy someone a gift, then take advantage of the sales (even if it is a couple of months away). Stock up.
  • Finally, if you are willing to take the risk not to find the items you are aiming for, you can wait later on in the sales, when the percentages rise, and get a better discount. You might be surprised (in a good way, or in a bad way).

Ready, set, shop.

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