It is crazy how slow time seems to be while fasting in Ramadan, especially when your days start rather early.

Aside from each person’s daily spiritual regime, for some after-work (or not) naps are the perfect remedy. As much as a little snooze might work most of the time, nonetheless, I believe that another great time-pass, and that either for when you are preparing your iftar, or when you are just lying down, is to watch a good distracting movie, tv show, or documentary.

As an addict, myself of Netflix ever since the first day it was available in Morocco, I have spent so much time on it, that now I believe I know my way around it very well, especially when it comes to stylish films.

In that sense, as a self-proclaimed Netfilx and Ramadan time-pass expert, I bring you today a selection of 15 documentaries, movies, and shows that are guaranteed to entertain your Ramadan days, and evenings.

You might notice that there are two main themes to this selection; fashion and food. Perfect for Ramadan!






Photos: Netflix

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