This one is for you “shorter” ladies, and for the others as well (don’t feel neglected). The pointy shoe, especially the flat one is believed to give the illusion of looking taller, by making your legs look longer (not bad, right?). Back as a strong trend lately, very chic and sophisticated, this accessory has been put aside by most in the last few years for some reason that, I personally don’t understand.

Versatile, and can be worn with almost every look, the now trendy pointy shoe, either flat or with a heel is also probably the best footwear that can go with the fashionable flared pants. Available as oxfords as well, theses shoes are a definite must have for both a girly style, and a more androgynous one.

Check out the gallery below, and you will see the pointy shoe in all its glory.

Featured Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Blonde 

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