We are all familiar with the concept (or myth) of the perfect man, obviously. Every lady out there (if she hadn’t found him yet) must have a long check list of qualities that her potential “perfect” partner should match. Now I’m not saying that this is the most important characteristic, but some will include being “stylish” (which is understandable) in that list.

As always we are here for inspiration and help. So until you find him (or he finds you), here’s an edited list (trust me there are more) of gentlemen style icons, who acquired this title thanks to their impeccable taste, both on the red carpet and on the street.

We can all dream here, until the real thing comes along. Or at least try and influence your partner’s style (for the lucky non-single ladies).

Ryan Gosling.

Jared Leto.

Johannes Huebl.

Kanye West.

Justin Timberlake.

Ranveer Singh.

David Beckham.

Pharrell Williams

Imran Khan.

Harry Styles.

Johnny Depp.

Eddie Redmayne.

Featured Image Courtesy of Giulia Flickr

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