The Parisian street style has almost become an obsession in fashion lately. Maybe due to its simplicity, or its timeless quality that remind us of style icons as Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, everyone seems to not get enough of this street style movement.

Relying on basics as black and white, blazers, denim, simple shirts, the Parisian street style is effortless and chic. Furthermore, being a style where flats and kitten heels dominate, and an almost messy hair down paired with very little makeup is its beauty signature, comfort and natural appear to be the other attractive qualities of this amazing street style.

Emmanuelle Alt, Clemence Poesy, and Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Jane Birkin) are an almost perfect representation of this phenomenon. Check their photos below, and see how they wear, or even are the Parisian street style.

  • Fashion Editor of Vogue France, Emmanuelle Alt.

Emmanuelle Alt, and Geraldine Saglio.

Actress, Clemence Poesy.

Actress and singer, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Featured Image Courtesy of Camille Over The Rainbow

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