Other than pairing some jeans with almost anything, or wearing a simple monochrome look, finding the right tasteful outfit color combination can be a b**** sometimes. As many art classes we might have had, explaining the color spectrum, and which color completes the other, when it comes to applying it on fashion, the task can be intimidating.

There are obviously the basic combos that make for a nice look; as anything with black, or anything with white. However, just like mixing prints (as we talked about before), there are some tricky color combinations that need to be given more attention.

I believe, a great wardrobe is one that has the most color choices, and that can therefore give more options to creating different looks. The simple fact of not feeling as you could master diverse outfit color combinations, should not stop you from shopping for different colors, and using them in different outfits. Who knows, those colors could end up being the most flattering ones to your skin.

We gathered below 12 outfit color combinations, that should work for you every time you try them.

Featured Image Courtesy of Styloly

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