One of the hottest trends for over a year now, off the shoulder pieces are all set to rule yet again, street style this season.

It is time to set your preconceptions’ meter about the off the shoulder trend to zero, here. Often thought to be only made for the boho style enthusiasts, I’m planning today to prove this judgement wrong. Mighty (and yes, I just said mighty) versatile, this hot trend is a must have, and that not only as part of a bohemian wardrobe, but for all the ladies with different styles. Actually, just like a T-shirt or a tank top, an off the shoulder item blends in with whatever look you are going for, thus always keeps your personal style intact. And the gallery below will definitely prove my point.

Before you rush to check out the photos I wanted to add another point (in case you are not convinced yet), the way this trend shows off one’s skin, in other words; the nude shoulders, it has a certain subtle sexiness to it that is rather sophisticated. So, be it with a dress or a top, off the shoulder is probably the best way to be effortlessly feminine.

Featured Image Courtesy of Walk In Wonderland

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