Sometimes you come across some collections which are so inspiring, that you wish they will somehow end up in the stores on the next day of the runway show, just so you could grab a few pieces. This was the feeling I had the second I came across the Altuzarra Fall 2016 collection.

Mainly inspired by the 2013 drama “Only Lovers Left Alive” starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as vampire lovers, designer Joseph Altuzarra explained “I wanted this (fashion) show to be about trying different things not necessarily connected”. Not random at all, since this idea came to the designer  through the movie’s main characters and their clear curiosity towards “the rich, patchworked world (they) inhabit”. A rather daring concept, that later on was translated into an overwhelming presence of unexpected colour combinations, mixed patterns, and intricate embroideries throughout this glorious (to say the least) collection. A collection whose subtle ethnic qualities; that are said to be influenced by “Indian paisleys, Venetian pearls and Moroccan and Turkish folkloric costumes” are just what was needed to get it to perfection.

A mastermind when it comes to marrying his trendsetting designs and the appeal and wearability of each one of his creations; Altuzarra confessed; “The women in my office are very vocal… It’s unrealistic to think that the women who are buying clothes are only buying them for the fashion. I think women want it to be comfortable and they want it to be versatile”. And to that we say; “Amen”.

Featured Image Courtesy of AltuzarraStudio

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