Now that’s a way to make your outfit pop. Leopard print (or any other animal print for that matter) has the ability to add to an outfit more personality. Either in a simple accessory (bag, belt, shoes, or scarf) or in a whole clothing item, this print trend is not as hard to pull off as one would think. As it has the ability to look great with a minimalist casual outfit, as much as in a more sophisticated colorful look.

There used to be a time when wearing this particular print was understood to be for a certain category of ladies; the rich, snobbish woman of a certain age. But no more, especially in the last couple of years when leopard print, got back its 60’s reputation. Which basically is being hip, feminine and sometimes tastefully loud, especially in fur coats (a must for this winter season, in street style).

With so many options, at least one leopard item should be part of your wardrobe. Check out the gallery below, and make your pick.

Featured Image Courtesy of Sincerely Jules

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