Which shape would you like? Is the first question your manicurist asks you whenever you do your nails. If you have noticed, the answer you give comes out spontaneously, without even thinking about it. It might be because you don’t want to risk changing your nail shape, and be stuck with something you don’t like for some time. Or maybe because you are convinced your actual shape is who you are.

Both the explanations are actually right. But let’s focus on the second one. Your nail shape is believed to be a reflection of who you are as a person, just like your personal style is.

So here is the analysis of the four main shapes.

  • Round Nails: They are classic, and conservative compared to the other shapes. Around for a long time now, they feel safe for the woman who picks them, and happens to not be a risk taker. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Beautiful woman hand. (on black background)

  • Square Nails: Probably the most popular ones. Used by women of different age groups. They say that you are stylish, yet not exuberant. You like to be different, but not too much, and are open to trying new things, as nail art or unusual colors.

nail care

  • Squoval Nails: A mix of square and oval, both literally and figuratively. They reflect class, elegance, and femininity. Not open to trying all the new nail trends (or any other trends) that don’t match her personality, the lady who picks them generally goes with french manicure.

woman's nails with beautiful french white manicure

  • Pointy Stiletto Nails: These are clearly for the rebel (style wise, at least). The generally “young” ladies who sport this nail shape are not afraid to look different, actually they want to be different. Trendsetters, and conscious of what’s In and what’s Out.


So, which one are you? Does the description match?

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