We all get busy all day, everyday, be it with work, or taking care of children, or just running around. But that is not a reason to slack off on paying attention to ourselves and the way we look, and that is from head to toe. Consequently, one of the most time consuming beauty routines that gets neglected, is painting the nails. The usual plain applying of nail polish is fine, and it will always make your hands look better. Nevertheless, sometimes it is good to change, and go for something different, queue Nail Art.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to go to the salon every time you want to have it done. As we said, time has become a scarce commodity, and so is money. Thankfully, there are always tricks for the less complicated designs, that don’t require a professional hand, but can still look good.

  • For a geometric effect: Using tape that you can cut to your convenience, will give you clean shapes.  


  • Fore more intricate designs: Stencils are the best option, either you make them yourself, or are store bought ones. A suggestion would be  to use a net (image below).
  • To achieve a design with dots or thin lines: you can use a bobby pin or a needle. 

  • For a gradient effect: use a sponge that you dip in the nail polish, then apply it.

  • Color blocking can be achieved by juxtaposing different nail polish colors, in any shape you want.


Featured Image Courtesy of ☀周小樹 Flickr

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