The pyjamas trend has been around for a while now, and that even though a lot of people are still skeptical towards it, and have been resisting it ever since it first appeared. Well I’m not well of those people, as I’m all about comfort when dressing up, and there is nothing more comfortable than pyjamas. Am I right or am I right?

So today, since it is yet another hot day here in Agadir, Morocco I wanted to go for a kind of light and airy outfit while still being trendy and fun; hence these pyjamas. However, I still wanted to put my own (Moroccan) spin on the trend, which explains the reason I went with this dress-looking-pyjama that would look familiar especially to Moroccans, and Middle Easterners in general.

My mother used to wear these at home a few years ago, and they were very popular in the region at the time. My grandfather would buy them for my mom and aunts every time he would go to the KSA. They were pretty trendy, and I believe they still should be. That is why I chose to make these particular pyjamas appropriate casual wear today, by pairing them with modern colourful sneakers, and that’s it. They actually don’t need much to be worn outside. You should try them.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Pyjamas Dress: Vintage – Sneakers: Bershka – Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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