Ever since I have launched my blog, the most recurring question I have been asked is; “Why kaftan Mag”? Clearly this is not a magazine entirely dedicated to kaftans. So, again why kaftans? And now that I think about it, you must be wondering the same thing. To clear it out once and for all, today I decided to tell my story with kaftans!

Once upon a time… Just kidding. This is not that kind of a story. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward one.

I have always been interested in fashion and mostly style, ever since I can remember. From Sneaking pieces from my parents and brother’s wardrobes in order to construct fun outfits. To playing dress up with my aunt’s clothes during the weekends. My childhood memories pretty much center around clothes and fashion. However, the most striking and memorable “fashion memories” included my grand-mothers. The vintage kaftans, the statement accessories and jewelry, the head wraps.

What made me admire “Inna” and “Jidda’s” (as I used to call them with so much love) fashion, was mostly about their attitude. They wore their kaftans, and never the other way around. They owned the kaftan look. And I’m not only talking about during special occasions, but every single regular day.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, from either what I have said so far in this post, or the previous ones, the women of my family are very inspiring to me. They have an incredible strength that I strive to earn.

All of this to say that these kaftans that you see me wear and pretty much show off almost every blog post, have mostly have been passed down to me. From my grand-mothers (may they both rest in peace), from my mother, and my aunts. They are all the inheritance that I would ever want to have.

I sincerely believe that a beautiful vintage kaftan has the power to enhance not just an outfit, but a whole personality. To say it more bluntly, I’ll take a kaftan over jewelry any time any day.

My story with kaftans

So yeah, this is my story! Kaftan Mag is actually an homage to my culture, my passion for fashion, and most importantly an ode to the women who have inspired me!

Kaftan: Vintage
Trousers: Vintage 90’s
Glasses: Ray Ban
Slippers: Marwa
Choker: Stradivarius
Photos @ayoubarouk

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