Black is slimming (we all know that), which is probably why we have seen and tried the all-black look over and over, and over again. And of course, because it looks good in any circumstance. On the other side, the all-white look has been neglected for so long, as the ladies seemed to stay away from it, except for the occasional summer outfit.

Well, thanks to Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, a few more trend setters, it’s not the case anymore. This trend has lately flooded the streets, making in it one of the favorites of this season, and the upcoming ones. And why wouldn’t it be? Its minimalism and chicness, even when worn in a sporty way, suits everybody and looks great.

To illustrate the sophistication, yet simplicity of this look, here is the take of different street style stars on it.

Featured Image Courtesy of Fashion Vibe

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