Since her appearance to the public eye, Amal Alamuddin’s impeccable sense of style got the world’s attention. Probably the most envied woman in the world for, first having the late Oscar De La Renta design her wedding gown, then there have been talks of her getting a fashion award to celebrate her style, and now she got the Italian luxury brand Ballin design a bag in her name. Oh yes, and she is married to George Clooney.




The “Amal” is a great representation of the woman who inspired it; simple, classic, yet elegant. And with this stylish honor, Mrs.Clooney is definitely achieving the “style icon” status. In no time this handbag will probably join the other purses named after style icons (Hermes’ Birkin and Kelly, Mulberry’s Alexa…) in becoming an It-Bag.

Featured Image Courtesy of Hot Gossip Italia Flickr

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