Published on in 2015

Moroccan Ladies met with the legendary actress and supermodel Marisa Berenson in Marrakech at the launch of hers and Sofitel’s new program “SoSPA, Mental & Body Detox”.

Elegant as always, Marisa Berenson, the iconic American model and actress, seemed in her element in sunny Marrakech, for the launch of “Wellness food”, a part of the now famous “SoSPA, Mental & Body Detox” program.

Today 68, Marisa looked as fresh and beautiful as ever. Full of energy and genuinely excited for this event, we wanted to know more about her beauty and youthfulness secrets, in addition to how she landed in Marrakech.

What is your secret in being so young and energetic?

The holistic lifestyle is my secret. Because I believe that beauty is inside and out, and that it starts from your soul, your inner core, the way you think, the way you feel, what you do with your life, and how you are in harmony with yourself and with others. It is a sort of love and respect that I have for life.

Could you tell us more about your beauty ritual?

My particular ritual goes through meditation, exercise, and being at one with nature. I take care of my skin with my products, which are 100% natural. I developed this line of 15 products for the Marrakech Sofitel spa, and now it has gone worldwide.

What is the “Wellness food” about, exactly?

This is the first day we are launching here these foods, which follow the holistic concept. One has to take care of themselves inside as well as outside. The well being of your skin shows through its glow, which automatically reflects how good you feel in the inside. While for the well being your body, and in order to be healthy, and full of energy, and not to have to worry about diets, and feeling bad about what you eat, the “Wellness food” is the right option. It is made of foods that help you detox all the time, thus so you don’t accumulate a lot of toxins in your body, or allergies or things like that. In addition, it keeps you balanced, as well as your mood, it helps you sleep well, have a lot of energy for work, for your family and loved ones, and to look at your life differently. To sum up it is about being at one with your inner soul, with your inner being.

You have adopted this holistic lifestyle for many years now, and it started with India where you discovered meditation, and now it is Morocco that is at the essence of your products, and now the launch of the “wellness food”. How did you start this journey with Morocco?

I think that nothing happens by chance in life, and there is a destiny and something that pulls you to everything you go through, because it’s written up there, somewhere. And with Morocco, I have a destiny, and I didn’t know I had it until five years ago. That’s when I met Jean Michel Simonian; who is my partner in life and work, and he was the one who brought me to Morocco. He was redoing the Sofitel’s spa, and he was informed that they were looking for a line of products to put in it. So he came to me, and said that as I had this oil called “Huile Fabuleuse”, if I would be interested in developing a few products for the Sofitel, and I accepted of course. So we developed a whole line of which is all natural and made of Moroccan plants and fruits, and I’m very happy about it.

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