All of you Moroccan decor lovers gather around, this is a good one!

Let me first start by pointing out that this blog post is completely influenced by my personal taste. Just as the rest of the blog, Dah! And there is no book (that I know of) which says that any Moroccan inspired interior should have all the pieces I’m sharing with you today. Except for my book!

I genuinely believe that Moroccan decor adds coziness to interiors. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the intricate details that this traditional furniture and decor are known for, but Moroccan-inspired pieces tend to easily fill up a space, a give it more character and warmth.

In my humble opinion, here are the decor must-haves that your interior needs, in case you are going the Moroccan route. Or at least, these are my home’s precious must-have pieces.

  • Embroidered cushions to add more detail to your otherwise blend couch!

Moroccan decor

  • Embroidered linens. Yes, more embroideries, because we LOVE intricate work, apparently. Table cloths, and napkins are a must since we are obsessed with dressing up our tables.
  • Pottery. Vases, little decorative tagines and plates are a fun way to ally decor with practicality. Because not only are they esthetically stunning dishes, but also great display decor. So is a beautiful tea or Attay (as we call it) tray, pretty and yummy.

Moroccan decor

  • The oh-so-trendy straw tote doesn’t only bring out your outfits, but also your interior. Plus I find it to be a great umbrella holder!
  • A colorful Moroccan wedding blanket is just the amount of sparkle your home needs.
  • A few Moroccan architecture publications are ideal coffee table books for a beautifully cozy home.

Moroccan decor

  • Wooden home accessories are a must here, and they’re the easiest to find in any souk.
  • And last, but definitely not least, a gorgeous Moroccan carpet for extra coziness and warmth.

Moroccan decor


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