A few years back the simple idea of mixing different prints in one outfit would have been considered tasteless and ridiculous. Actually just the idea of mixing two different colors would have been outrageous, I mean remember when you had to have all accessories in an outfit of the same color (Yuk…). I’m not sure if it is due to social media, or the boldness of some stylists and fashion designers, but this print mixing trend turned out to be genius.

They say that one requires a certain taste level to be able to pull off the trend, but there are some combinations that are easy to make, and generally look good. Mixing stripes with any other print, for example is (almost) always successful. And to be safe, you can mainly try it with floral, or polka dots, or even leopard. Mixing check prints of different colors, with one another is also an easy and beautiful one.

Anyways, you don’t need to be Olivia Palermo or Solange Knowles to mix prints. The ladies in the photos below did it, and did it well. Check it out.

Featured Image Courtesy of Stylista

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