By now, it must come as no surprise that I like to mix it up a bit in my outfits. Be it by putting together both men’s and women’s clothing items in one look, using a few pieces in more than one way, or injecting a few vintage pieces every now and then in an outfit, I do like to have fun and come up with new ways to wear every item in my wardrobe.

So today I went for a classic move and mix, which is using a men’s shirt as a dress. Once more, this shirt used to belong to my father, hence the size, and it originally is a denim short-sleeved one, but not so short or me…

With the current cold weather, I decided to wear a long yet light coat over it (any excuse for layering), and paired it with some sneakers to keep it real casual.

Now here is a tip, in case you are afraid the shirt could be too short, especially if you bend down or stretch,you can always wear a camisole dress underneath (which I did, even though you can’t tell). That way, you stay comfortable while keeping with a trend.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Shirt: Vintage Men – Coat: Zara – Sneakers: Bershka – Sunglasses: Versace

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