Rare or maybe inexistent are clothing lines that one could say are inspired by the infamous magic carpet. Tory Burch with her usual sophistication, has showcased during this New York Fashion week the label’s Fall 2015 collection, that the talented designer said was her vision of what she called “Marrakech meets Chelsea”.

So many great fashion designers have fallen for the red city, and got inspired by it in their creations ( Yves Saint Laurent is the first that comes to mind here). However, generally the inspiration came from the clothes; like the kaftan, or from the colours.

Nevertheless, in this collection from Tory Burch, Moroccan interiors are where it all started. Mainly carpet patterns; kilim to be more specific were the main star in almost every piece. The prints, colours, fabrics were so rich and made every piece look so amazing, that it is hard to believe that it was inspired by furniture.

Images Courtesy of Style

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