Wanting to achieve the right makeup look while holding on to your glasses can be tricky, I should know; I’m never without my eyewear. Rest assured though, it can be done. And there is no need to feel that your glasses are some sort of handicap and be complexed by them, consider them as an accessory that you can have fun with. Jenna Lyons does it.

Now, about the makeup, there are a couple of helpful tips that should get you to make it better.

First of all, don’t over do your eye makeup with loud colors that go up to your eyebrows. Remember the expression; less is more. In other words, rather than going totally bare, you can put on some mascara, eyeliner, or a soft eye shadow. Then, you could shift your focus more on the lips, especially for an evening look, with lipsticks like red, and burgundy. And the most important tip would be, that you should pick the right eyewear frame for your face. It makes all the difference, even with the makeup.

For some more help, check out the photos below for some makeup with glasses examples.

Featured Image Courtesy of iStock

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