“Cozy” is probably what I most strive for in whatever space that I live in! So as a person who works from home, my personal space has to be the most comfortable ever. And my bedroom is no exception. Thus, with a couple of tricks, I wanted to share with you “my method” of creating my cozy bedroom.

If I had to put the feeling of a cozy bedroom in words, for me it would be, a space that whenever you enter it, you feel like it’s hugging you. It should be warm, both literally and figuratively. And give you a feeling of happiness, and safety. I swear, I feel so happy in my room, that this feeling freaks me out at times. I mean, after all, I have to leave it at times, and have a life (or whatever).

The first tip for a cozy bedroom for me, is an “enticing” bed. Especially, in this winter time, the bed has to make you feel all warm and toasty. And not just when you get in it, but even when you just look at it. Queue, a soft throw, and a few fluffy pillows.

Books, and more books. Not only, having books around you is good for your personal development, but they make for an effective cozy bedroom decor trick. Books, with their different sizes, and cover colors dress your shelves, the same way a throw dresses your bed.

A comfortable sofa/chair, completed with (yet again) a throw and cushions. Because, you need a cozy nook where you can read all of those books. Plus, I’m a firm believer in not getting into bed until it’s time to get to sleep. So, there has to be a little area in your (now) cozy bedroom where you can sit during the day! And, again, since we’re in the middle of a freezing winter, I decided to cover my sofa with a warm throw. For extra coziness, and of course to avoid freezing my bum.

I don’t know why, but I find having a wicker laundry basket adds warmth to a room. Not only is it practical, you know for your dirty clothes not to be laying around all the time. But it’s another interesting spot to add even more cushions, in other words, for extra coziness.

Finally, and most importantly, a must have for a cozy bedroom is to surround yourself with things you love and that represent you! Art, precious belongings, family photos… These elements make the room even more yours!


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