The final count down has started on the Victoria Secret annual fashion show. With that, comes the unveiling of the infamous “Fantasy Bra”, but in this year’s case it’s more the two bras (Worth two million dollars each…). These pieces of art, which are the highlight of every show have been designed and made by Lebanese/French Mouawad Jewels, and that for many years now.

Mouawad has been around, as one of the leading and most prominent jewelers worldwide, for over 120 years now, and is being run presently by the fourth Mouawad generation. As once a jeweler to royalty and powerful personalities, the Mouawad group has added celebrities to the long list of its customers. Thanks to the family’s Arabic origins, they are as much popular with Middle-Eastern celebrities, as they are with Hollywood.

Run by the three Mouawad brothers, Fred is the one in charge of the diamond division. With his innovations, creativity, and the craftsmanship put in every design, this Mouawad achieved so much for his heritage, including a few Guinness records. The 2003 Victoria’s Secret “Fantasy Bra” was one of the items that received those honors. But to me, the most impressive record broken is of the “Incomparable Diamond Neckless” (in the photo below), named the most valuable necklace in the world.

With the other two brothers; Alain and Pascal Mouawad successfully heading the watch division, and the retail division, respectfully, the Mouawad group is definitely here to stay; for a few more generations hopefully.

Featured Image Courtesy of Mid East info 


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